Fox Officiating Expert Mike Pereira Once Tried To Get Help From The Replay Booth

On Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011, the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Green Bay Packers in an NFC wild card playoff game at Lincoln Financial Field. It was Fox's first postseason broadcast that season, which meant that it was the first opportunity for the network's new officiating expert, Mike Pereira, to share his expertise… »10/11/12 3:45pm10/11/12 3:45pm


NFL Spokesman Slams Mike Pereira For Pointing Out How Obviously Terrible The Scab Referees Have Been [UPDATE]

Mike Pereira, you'll recall, was vice president of officiating for the NFL. This year, Pereira has not pulled any punches when talking about how terrible the replacement refereeing has been. He, like most of the internet, believe the referees are doing a number on this San Francisco-Green Bay game. »9/09/12 6:14pm9/09/12 6:14pm

Aiello gets…

Mike Pereira, Who Hates The NFL's Replacement Refs, Used To Be A Backup Replacement Ref

Mike Pereira has been so outspoken in his role as the NFL's hall monitor for Fox Sports that even Bill Belichick is outsourcing his opinion of replacement officials to him. And if the early returns are any indication, the scabs are indeed going to be a disaster. But remember: Pereira used to work for the NFL as its… »8/15/12 7:35pm8/15/12 7:35pm