The Browns Still Won't Commit To Johnny Manziel, For Some Reason

Johnny Manziel’s final stat line from last night’s game against the Bengals—15-of-33 for 168 yards and one touchdown—was built mostly off of Manziel’s solid first half, and isn’t the kind of line that would normally guarantee a starting role in the next game. But on a 2-7 team whose only other option at quarterback is… »11/06/15 9:14am11/06/15 9:14am

Mike Pettine Has Some Backhanded Praise For Josh McCown

Josh McCown will “likely” be the Browns’ Week 1 starter. Ideally, he’s a placeholder for a year or two to mentor Johnny Manziel, who could take over when the Browns are ready to challenge. But head coach Mike Pettine sounds bullish on McCown’s longer-term prospects, saying he combines the experience of a veteran with… »8/06/15 2:30pm8/06/15 2:30pm

Browns Fined And GM Suspended For Being Supremely Dysfunctional

Because it's only like the 16th most interesting thing to happen to the Browns in the last year, and because the Falcons are being punished—more harshly—at the exact same time, this latest Cleveland mini-fiasco threatens to fly under the radar. Do not let it. It's a perfect example of the team being dumb and… »3/30/15 2:08pm3/30/15 2:08pm

Mike Pettine: Browns Won't Cut Josh Gordon, Expect Him To Report To Camp

The Cleveland Browns expect a decision in the appeal of Josh Gordon's season-long (at minimum) ban for a failed drug test within the next two weeks. Gordon, you'll recall, was suspended indefinitely for failing a drug test (weed) for the third time. If the suspension is upheld, he can apply for reinstatement after one… »7/21/14 8:17pm7/21/14 8:17pm