Rick Reilly Got Fooled By A Satirical Blog Post (Again)

Remember when Rick Reilly wrote a column that included a line about LeBron James punching Juwan Howard's cane, and it turned out that he got that anecdote from a satirical post on The Basketball Jones? Boy, that was a silly mistake, and one that you wouldn't expect Rick Reilly to make again. » 10/18/12 7:11pm 10/18/12 7:11pm

A Belated Farewell To Jeff Carter And Mike Richards: The Legion Of Poon

Thanks to a report from Philadelphia Daily News's intrepid Mighty Dan Gross on Monday, two former Flyers are being torched for their excessive nightlife adventures when they were both members of the team. The implication is, subtly, that their reluctance to curb their Jäger-bombing escapades throughout Old City and Sea… » 7/27/11 3:15pm 7/27/11 3:15pm