The Jets Are Trying To Get Two General Managers To Work Together, Since It Went So Well To Have Two Quarterbacks Do That

At this point, the sad-sack New York Jets aren't a circus, as the New York Post insinuated back in September. They're a bizarre performance art project that only a few people can tolerate watching. Their inept handling of seemingly every decision has become impressive. »12/25/12 10:56am12/25/12 10:56am


The Jets Will Make A QB Change, Just In Time To Continue Being Terrible And Directionless

Coming into this season, the Jets had two choices. They could fully commit to Mark Sanchez, signal their confidence in him by signing him to a contract extension, and decide that win or lose, he was going to be the team's quarterback. Or they could acquire a promising backup, one who would immediately have the fans… »12/18/12 2:10pm12/18/12 2:10pm