Mike Tomlin Said "Obviously" 322 Times In Press Conferences This Year

We've noticed that Mike Tomlin likes to say "obviously" a lot, but just how much is a lot? Andrew McGill of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has crunched the numbers for the last four years of Tomlin pressers, finding that "obviously" was the coach's 25th-most used word, trailing only essential pieces of vocab like "the" and… » 1/13/14 12:12pm 1/13/14 12:12pm

New Footage Shows Mike Tomlin Stepping Toward The Field

KDKA-TV in Pittsburgh has aired exclusive footage of Jacoby Jones's kickoff return, sabotaged by a conveniently placed Mike Tomlin. As it becomes clear that Jones is streaking up the Steelers' sideline, Tomlin appears to move himself farther into Jones's path. » 12/02/13 1:15pm 12/02/13 1:15pm

Let's Watch Mike Tomlin Jump Out Of The Way Of Various Things

Now that the NFL is looking into Steelers coach Mike Tomlin's 'inadvertent' obstruction of Jacoby Jones last night, we can fit Tomlin into some other scenarios to see what he can muck up. (Use this provided template to create your own!) » 11/29/13 8:56pm 11/29/13 8:56pm

Say Goodbye To The Steelers' Somersaulting Celebrations

Last week, with the Steelers staring hard at 0-4 for the first time in 45 years, coach Mike Tomlin decreed that the pool and ping pong tables at the team's practice facility were off-limits to all players. Because that's the fix that was needed. But then the Steelers won! And they took joy from it! And we just can't… » 10/15/13 1:51pm 10/15/13 1:51pm

Hey, It's Mike Tomlin And Some Tattooed Woman On The Hood Of A Car

My goodness, the unbridled Yinzerness of this image. The Steelers' coach, wearing a Steelers cap, on the hood of a convertible outside some dive bar, in the arms of a smiling woman who looks like she never wants to let go. There's even a guy wearing jorts cargo shorts in the background. To borrow one of Tomlin's… » 7/22/13 12:42pm 7/22/13 12:42pm

Even If Icing The Kicker Doesn't Work, It's Better Than Never Icing The…

Mike Tomlin iced the kicker twice last night, but with an unfortunate twist: First, he called a timeout on his own kicker, Shaun Suisham, who proceeded to miss a 54-yarder. Then he stopped the Titans' Rob Bironas just as he was about to attempt the game-winning 40-yarder. Bironas waited two minutes and nailed the kick, … » 10/12/12 4:05pm 10/12/12 4:05pm

If You're A Reporter From Outside Pittsburgh And You Want To Ask Mike…

In keeping with the NFL's standard in-season practice of making coaches available to reporters from the opposing city on the Wednesday before an upcoming game, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin did a conference call today with the beat crew from Jacksonville. Well, sort of. He had little patience for any of it, and he let it … » 10/12/11 7:05pm 10/12/11 7:05pm