Clayton Kershaw Picks Up MVP Too, Mike Trout Finally Snags One

Clayton Kershaw followed-up his NL Cy Young win by taking home the NL MVP trophy too, becoming the first person to sweep those awards since Bob Gibson did so while playing for the Cardinals in 1968. The Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton—whose candidacy might have been sunk when he took a fastball to the face and… » 11/13/14 7:42pm 11/13/14 7:42pm

Mike Trout Somehow Touches Adrian Beltre's Head With No Resistance

You might want to sit down for this. After hitting a triple last night, Angels outfielder Mike Trout chatted with Adrian Beltre, and touched the Rangers third baseman's head without him getting mad. » 9/21/14 10:27am 9/21/14 10:27am

What's Wrong With Baseball?

Over at the New Yorker, Ben McGrath has a brief, characteristically thoughtful essay up about a question that people have been asking basically for as long as the game has been played but which, lately, seems to actually have something to it: What's wrong with baseball? » 8/29/14 1:19pm 8/29/14 1:19pm

Trout Vs. Kershaw Settled By Replay Review

The first Mike Trout-Clayton Kershaw showdown finally went down tonight and it ended up being a pretty great baseball play all around. It was also subject to a replay review before the ultimate outcome was certain, which was kind of anticlimactic. » 8/05/14 11:59pm 8/05/14 11:59pm

Trout Vs. Kershaw, Round 1, Visualized

Pujols, Trout Mock Fernando Rodney's "Arrow" Celebration

There's nothing more frustrating than an opposing closer being demonstrative about doing his job. Say, Fernando Rodney getting the third out, then miming pulling an arrow out of his quiver, nocking it, and firing. Infuriating, if it's against you. Yesterday, the Angels got the very best possible revenge. » 7/21/14 8:58am 7/21/14 8:58am

MLB Network Host Told Trout Before Game He'd Triple Home Derek Jeter

MLB Network host Greg Amsinger spoke with Angels slugger Mike Trout during today's pre-game festivities, and jokingly told the All-Star outfielder that he'd come up to bat with Derek Jeter on second base—and hit a triple to drive home the Yankees captain. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened in the first inning. » 7/15/14 9:06pm 7/15/14 9:06pm

What Happened To Mike Trout's Swing?

There is nothing average about Mike Trout. People built like Brian Urlacher shouldn't be able to scale walls and run like a scared deer, all while squarely hitting a round ball with a round bat. The 2014 season has seen Mike Trout put up a more earthbound line than usual: .263/.358/.509 after last night's game. The… » 5/20/14 1:04pm 5/20/14 1:04pm

Sports Personalities Fail To Be Subtle While Promoting New Wayans Movie

What do Robert Griffin III, Mike Epps, and ESPN's Jemele Hill all have in common? They all want you to go see their boy Marlon Wayans's hilarious new movie, A Haunted House 2, TONIGHT!!! » 4/18/14 12:24pm 4/18/14 12:24pm

This Is The Worst Baseball Column

This has to be a joke, it just has to be. Either it's a joke, or the The Batavia Daily News mistakenly published a Scott DeSmit article on sabermetrics from 2003. There can be no other explanation for this lede: "[c]omputers have ruined baseball and 'Sports Illustrated.'" » 4/14/14 9:21pm 4/14/14 9:21pm

Angels Extend Mike Trout Through 2020

The Angels signed Mike Trout to a six-year $144.5 million contract extension that will keep him in Los Angeles and Anaheim through 2020. It's not exactly Miguel Cabrera money, but Trout now has a long term, multi-million dollar deal that lasts into his year 29 season. Trout will then become a free agent and still be… » 3/29/14 1:30pm 3/29/14 1:30pm

MLBers Say Mike Trout Is The Best—But Not Worth A Historic Contract?

The new ESPN The Magazine has an anonymous survey of 143 current MLB players, and 56 percent of them peg Mike Trout as the best player in the majors. Miguel Cabrera got 26 percent of the vote, and Clayton Kershaw got six percent. But they don't think he's that much more valuable, which isn't exactly a new development,… » 3/24/14 4:05pm 3/24/14 4:05pm

The Angels Are Going To Screw Up Mike Trout's Contract

Yahoo's Jeff Passan reports that the Angels and Mike Trout are in talks on a contract extension that would lock up the 22-year-old superstar for six years and around $150 million. This is an eminently reasonable number; it just makes no sense for the Angels. » 2/24/14 3:49pm 2/24/14 3:49pm

Mike Trout Has Finally Broken Baseball's Math

For the past few years, Mike Trout has been the biggest steal in sports. He's had two otherworldly seasons, and he's only 22. So on the surface, news that the Angels are trying to lock him up to a six-year deal worth about $150 million makes sense. But it's actually remarkable for how much sense it makes. » 2/24/14 2:31pm 2/24/14 2:31pm

How Much Will Mike Trout Get Paid?

Any theoretical negotiation starts from this premise: He is 22 years old, and already the best player in baseball. (And if not for Miguel Cabrera's existence, he'd be the best by far.) We have already accepted that the economics of Mike Trout can't rely on past data, because there's nothing comparable. But if he were… » 12/18/13 11:55am 12/18/13 11:55am

MLB Investigates Yankees For Potential Tampering With Mike Trout

This seems like a whole lot of nothing, but we can stand behind anything to make baseball's silly season the sillier. Yesterday, Yankees president Randy Levine had this to say by way of explaining why the team was hesitant to give Robinson Cano too many years: » 12/13/13 5:21pm 12/13/13 5:21pm

Really nice Jonah Keri piece on Mike Trout's increasingly absurd performance in which Eddie Bane, who drafted him, explains that he was too good for anyone to believe he was as good as he seemed. [Grantland] » 8/07/13 12:56pm 8/07/13 12:56pm

Mike Trout Was Born To Hit For The Cycle

It's almost surprising that it took Mike Trout this long—his 224th career major league game—to hit for the cycle. But this generation's prototypical five-tool player rectified that last night, and finished it off in style. » 5/22/13 9:01am 5/22/13 9:01am

Bristolmetrics: SportsCenter Introduces WAR, Degenerates Into Shouting…

This a regular feature breaking down, minute-by-minute, the content that appears on ESPN's 11 p.m. edition of SportsCenter throughout the week. » 11/21/12 4:25pm 11/21/12 4:25pm