Black Grantland's Old White Guy To Black People: Do What I Tell You

Yesterday, news dropped that Jason Whitlock was about to make Mike Wise, an oldish white Washington Post columnist and proud champion of liberal causes, his second official "black Grantland" hire. That's interesting not just because of what he is—this is supposed to be a site bursting with young, up-and-coming… »11/18/14 5:30pm11/18/14 5:30pm


Post Columnist In 2008: Gregg Williams Understands Humility. Post Columnist In 2012: Gregg Williams Showed Remarkable Hubris In 2008.

Mike Wise is a sports columnist for the Washington Post, which means he has to write about bad teams and bad executives and bad coaches and bad players. (He's perhaps best known around these parts for a high-profile Twitter stunt in 2010, in which he made up news about Ben Roethlisberger's impending suspension.) And… »3/09/12 2:15pm3/09/12 2:15pm