Holy fuck! Holy Christ goddamn! That one guy from One Direction quit! The weed dealer looking one! That one that did that thing with the hair! YOU KNOW THE ONE. No, not Harry. You fucking asshole. The other one. THE HOT ONE. I know they're ALL hot ones, but Zach (Is that his name? Wait, his name is Zayn?)… » 3/25/15 1:35pm 3/25/15 1:35pm

Watch Mariano Rivera Leave The Field At Yankee Stadium, Forever

Tonight marked the last time Mariano Rivera would throw a pitch at Yankee Stadium. With the Yankees trailing 4-0 against the Rays, Rivera retired four batters over the eighth and ninth innings. When Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte came to the mound to take Rivera out, it turned into one of those timeless baseball… » 9/26/13 10:17pm 9/26/13 10:17pm

Does This Mean No More Live Look-Ins?

The nation's long wait has finally come to an end, A-Rod hit 500! Alright, it's not exactly 756 but at least it's one less thing we'll have to hear about every single day. He got things out of the way in a hurry this afternoon with a first inning blast off of Kyle Davies. Call me crazy, but I think this Davies kid is… » 8/04/07 1:52pm 8/04/07 1:52pm