Miller Lite Just Won Gold At The Great American Beer Festival. How?

The Brewers Association held their prom this past weekend, and in keeping with timeless prom tradition, I was left home alone while all the cooler boozers attended the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. (Incidentally, my invitation to the Spring Formal was also lost in the mail, as April 11 saw me at home with… »10/06/14 3:01pm10/06/14 3:01pm


When It Comes To America's Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names, Miller Lite Loves A Good Jerry Sandusky Reference

Honestly, I rarely pay attention to web advertising, but eagle-eyed tipster Patrick sends in this screenshot, which is compelling evidence that companies looking to push the boundaries of interactive ads might need to be a little more careful with their content. Miller Lite, apparently, is running some sort of web… »10/17/12 11:50pm10/17/12 11:50pm

This Young Pens Fan Brought Her Teddy Bear To Last Night's Game. The Bear's Name? "Miller Lite."

Kids give their stuffed animals crazy names. When I was little, I had a stuffed bunny named "Ted Kennedy." So maybe I shouldn't be too shocked that this young fan, interviewed in Pittsburgh before last night's Pens-Flyers matchup in the Stanley Cup playoffs, has a bear named "Miller Lite." Some shame, though, should… »4/14/12 4:15pm4/14/12 4:15pm