In Praise Of Sugar, The Anti-Million Dollar Arm

Hoop Dreams has haunted me ever since I saw it 20 years ago. The story of two black Chicago high school basketball players hoping to make the NBA and escape their inner-city lives, the film ends with their pro dreams very much in doubt. Decades later, I still remember the last thing William Gates, one of the two… »5/15/14 3:26pm5/15/14 3:26pm


Are Any Baseball Writers Not On A Movie Set With Jon Hamm Right Now?

Million Dollar Arm is a movie about Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, two Indian-born pitchers who made their way into the Pittsburgh Pirates' farm system after winning a "Million Dollar Arm" contest in India. The movie is currently filming, and today a cadre of baseball writers are on set to film a cameo. They will not »7/01/13 11:46am7/01/13 11:46am