English Soccer Had A Violent, Cocaine-Fueled, Horse-Punching Weekend

The FA decided not to hold a minute of silence for Margaret Thatcher, fearing it would turn ugly. Instead, fans took it on themselves to recall the bad old days of the 1980s, with full-on brawls with opposing supporters, police, and each other. » 4/15/13 11:00am 4/15/13 11:00am

FA Cup Semifinal Gets Violent As Millwall Fans Fight Cops, Each Other

Hooliganism became the word on everyone's lips today after an FA Cup semifinal in which the action in the Wembley Stadium stands overshadowed that on the pitch. » 4/13/13 4:13pm 4/13/13 4:13pm

Plane Banner Insults Are Now Played Out In English Soccer

Last Sunday, West Ham played Wigan away in a battle to avoid relegation. Things didn't work out so well for the Hammers. Rival fans from Millwall chose the very moment that Wigan sealed West Ham's fate to fly a plane over the stadium with a mocking banner. Avram Grant, by the way, is the West Ham manager who was fired… » 5/19/11 3:50pm 5/19/11 3:50pm

West Ham And Millwall Bringing Back Old School Hooliganism

If you're one of those people who thinks that soccer exists only to support bottle-throwing riots, you're not alone. Supporters of rival London clubs were apparently way more interested in stabbing each other than watching their last game. » 8/26/09 10:30am 8/26/09 10:30am