Minnesota's High School Hockey Tournament Had Some Lovely Goals

We already covered everything you needed to know about Minnesota's high school hockey tournament, but here are five actual highlights—four goals and one save—from the games. Keep in mind that these kids are in high school. » 3/10/15 12:12pm 3/10/15 12:12pm

Minnesota High School Hockey Hair, Ranked

The most glorious day of the year has arrived: The man known as "PulltabProductions" has determined the 2015 All Hockey Hair Team, a ranking of the best hair from Minnesota's high school hockey tournaments. It does not disappoint. » 3/08/15 12:00pm 3/08/15 12:00pm

​Minnesota High School Hockey Teams Throw Down In Line Brawl

A Saturday playoff hockey game between Minnesota high schools Benilde-St. Margaret's and Eden Prairie turned into a line brawl with less than a second remaining. » 2/22/15 11:30am 2/22/15 11:30am

Bring It On Comes To Life In Minnesota High School Dance Scandal

Officials disqualified five Minnesota high school dance teams after their symbolic protest at the state finals over a rival team's alleged plagiarized championship routine in what was basically the exact plot from the classic and very great high school cheerleading movie, Bring It On. » 2/15/15 12:40pm 2/15/15 12:40pm

Changed PS4 Settings Are Not A Good Reason To Call The Police

A resident of Alexandria, Minnesota contacted the police earlier this month to report that someone entered his house and changed the settings on his PlayStation 4. Of course they did. » 12/17/14 11:52am 12/17/14 11:52am

High School Snaps 84-Game Losing Streak In Double OT Playing 3 v. 5

The Climax-Fisher High School (Minnesota) girls basketball team packed a whole lot into their 62-58 victory over Bagley High School on Tuesday. Most importantly, the win ended Climax-Fisher's 84-game losing streak. The streak was so long that, according to The Forum, it was head coach Jonathon Vonesh's first win with… » 12/11/14 8:53pm 12/11/14 8:53pm

Jocks Who Secretly Filmed Sex With Teen Girl Score Child Porn Charges

Two players for the top junior hockey league in the US have been charged with making and distributing child pornography after one of them secretly filmed the other having sex with a 15-year-old girl and then sent the video to a bunch of friends via social media, thereby becoming the literal incarnation of the phrase… » 6/25/14 6:03pm 6/25/14 6:03pm

Drunk Fox News Anchor Brawls With Airport Cops In Jailhouse Video

Remember the middle-aged Fox News anchor who was arrested while intoxicated at an airport bar in St. Paul, Minnesota? You may have even seen Gregg Jarrett’s mugshot floating around last month. Now you can watch the (bizarrely rough) jailhouse altercation that put him in county jail. » 6/24/14 12:53pm 6/24/14 12:53pm

Someone Ranked The Best Minnesota High School Hockey Tourney Hair

Since Minnesota loves hockey at all levels, the high school state tournaments are televised, with each kid getting at least a few seconds of camera time for the team introductions. For the past four years, a man has ranked the best hair—flow, salad, or lettuce, if you will—from those intros. It's a bit weird but… » 3/09/14 11:00am 3/09/14 11:00am

Man At Minnesota Hockey Game Comes Prepared For The Kiss Cam

Considering the camera's on this pair before the Kiss Cam cuts to them, the video must be some kind of stunt. The woman's reaction seems genuine, though. We won't spoil what happens. » 2/18/14 2:06pm 2/18/14 2:06pm

Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Has Amazing Campaign Ad

This is Jeff Wagner. He's running for mayor of Minneapolis, and he wants the people in his great city to "Wake the fuck up!" He's also not afraid to let you see his penis. » 9/13/13 2:20pm 9/13/13 2:20pm

Disgruntled Goalie Scores On His Own Net, Flips Off Coaches, Skates Off…

Tuesday was Senior Night at Farmington (Minn.) High School, and senior goaltender Austin Krause was among those honored. But Krause wasn't particularly in the mood. He has spent this season being demoted to backup, losing playing time to a sophomore. This was just Krause's ninth start in 23 games. According to a… » 2/13/13 9:45am 2/13/13 9:45am

Alleged High School Hockey Team Sex Tape Leads To No Consequences, One …

Last Saturday, Minneapolis/St. Paul's City Pages reported that Maple Grove high school, in a suburb of Minneapolis, had suspended much of its hockey team and its head coach for reasons that have gone undisclosed in the intervening week. A source told City Pages the rumor that Maple Grove hockey players make sex tapes… » 1/26/13 10:15am 1/26/13 10:15am

Chris Kluwe Leaves The Pioneer-Press After The Paper Publishes An…

Friend of Deadspin, Minnesota Vikings punter, and muse for confused idiots Chris Kluwe put his platform where his mouth is today and told the St. Paul Pioneer-Press (for whom he'd been blogging) to fuck off after they published an anti-gay marriage editorial this week. » 11/03/12 4:28pm 11/03/12 4:28pm

Beer Of The Week: Australia's Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale

When I dropped the six-pack of Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale on the counter at the liquor store, the clerk immediately began singing its praises, in what sounded like an Australian accent. This was pure happy coincidence, best I could tell. » 10/20/12 11:00pm 10/20/12 11:00pm

Tim Keown's Story On Joe Mauer Wants Minnesota To Get Bent

You're probably used to this sort of subtle cudgel being twirled at cities like New York and Boston, which tend to chew through their heroes just as quickly as they can exalt them. But Tim Keown's piece in the current issue of ESPN The Pulp-Based Periodical is one of the rare stories that quietly rips a place with… » 9/22/12 10:44pm 9/22/12 10:44pm

Triathlete Hospitalized After Otter Attack

So, here's reason #245 we'll never attempt a triathlon: angry otters. A Minnesota woman was practicing for next month's Duluth Triathlon in a nearby lake, when she was set upon by an adorable furry little daggertoothed killing machine. » 7/16/12 4:40pm 7/16/12 4:40pm

Bring Out The Limp: Brett Favre's Ankle Has Tiny Fractures

Yet, Coach Childress hasn't ruled Favre out for this week's game against the Patriots. Drew Magary=Rob Dibble. But Drew's job is safe. Don't worry. [NFL] » 10/25/10 4:35pm 10/25/10 4:35pm