Women Harassed By Ex-Minnesota AD Come Forward, Call His Behavior "Frightening"

The two women who notified the University of Minnesota about Norwood Teague’s sexual harassment, including all those gross text messages he sent them, released a joint statement. Ann Aronson and Erin Dady say in the statement that they had intended to keep their names confidential and the university’s president… »8/13/15 5:46pm8/13/15 5:46pm


Report: Former Minnesota AD Faced Sexism Complaints Going Back Years

First, Norwood Teague resigned as the University of Minnesota athletics director after two university employees filed sexual harassment complaints against him for sending them incredibly explicit, and incredibly disgusting, text messages. Then, a Minnesota basketball reporter detailed her own experience being sexually… »8/11/15 12:36am8/11/15 12:36am

Wisconsin Freshmen Practice Not Dying While Diving For Loose Balls

Wisconsin is playing at Minnesota right now, which provides a unique challenge: the raised floors of Williams Arena. The Golden Gophers gym is one of the last few in America that features a raised floor—of about two feet—and the Badger freshmen have likely never played on one. So yesterday featured some fun looking… »3/05/15 8:16pm3/05/15 8:16pm

Maxx Williams Dominates Missouri Defense, Double-Hurdles Way To TD

We've highlighted Minnesota tight end Maxx Williams's feats here before, and now that it appears he'll be declaring early for the NFL draft, the time is nigh for him to impress the NFL scouts. They'll be plenty impressed with this play, as he hurdles not one but two Missouri defenders en route to a long touchdown… »1/01/15 2:56pm1/01/15 2:56pm

Univ. Of Minnesota: Vikings Will Help Ban "Redskins" During Nov. 2 Game

The Vikings will play all of their home games at the University of Minnesota this season, while they wait for a new stadium to be built. In week nine, the Vikings will host Washington and the university's president said the school was "working with the Vikings to make every effort to eliminate the use of the… »8/07/14 1:33am8/07/14 1:33am

Jerry Kill Has Another Seizure, Will Miss Michigan Game

Jerry Kill suffered a seizure this morning—his second of the season—and will miss game action for the fourth time since joining the Gophers. The Gophers head coach was not feeling well Friday and did not accompany his team to its hotel in Dearborn, Michigan. He planned on traveling Saturday to join and coach the… »10/05/13 2:39pm10/05/13 2:39pm