Minnesota Head Coach Jerry Kill Announces Retirement At Emotional Press Conference

Minnesota head football coach Jerry Kill announced his retirement this morning, a decision he made due to lingering health issues. Kill, a survivor of kidney cancer, has been dealing with seizures for the last few years, and they have finally become too much for him to deal with while also coaching. »10/28/15 12:13pm10/28/15 12:13pm


Ben Blood Upholds The Time-Honored Hockey Tradition Of Sucker Punching A Guy In The Handshake Line

His name is Ben Blood, for god's sake. Even if this wasn't the end of a contentious game between heated rivals Minnesota and UND, you should probably be guarding your grill any time you're within spitting distance of someone named Ben Blood. Regardless, Blood at least kept his integrity. Unlike Dino Ciccarelli. [via »1/16/12 1:45pm1/16/12 1:45pm

Goldy Gopher Dancing To A Forgettable 80s Song Just Might Save Minnesota Football

Tipster Ryan sent us the above video, to which he added: "80's music and dancing gopher mascots. Embarrassing for Minnesota athletics." I'm not so sure. The University of Minnesota's football team has had little to savor for some time. Last week, head coach Jerry Kill suffered a seizure on the sideline, though he was… »9/16/11 4:05pm9/16/11 4:05pm