Kevin Love Gives Us One More Gorgeous Outlet Pass

The Minnesota Timberwolves' season has been a big disappointment, and Kevin Love lost his spirit a long time ago. But Love played balls-out in a duel against Stephen Curry and the Warriors last night, posting a 40-14-9 stat line and launching another one of his patented outlet passes. » 4/15/14 9:28am 4/15/14 9:28am

T-Wolves Radio Announcer Flips His Shit After Game-Ending No-Call

Last night's Mavericks-Timberwolves game ended on what appears to be an egregious non-call. With just three seconds left on the clock and the T-Wolves down by two points, Kevin Love's potentially game-winning shot was snuffed out by Shawn Marion. It looks like Marion hacked Love's arm on the shot, a circumstance that… » 12/31/13 9:30am 12/31/13 9:30am

Mexico City Smoke-Out Only Second Strangest Delay In Spurs History

The NBA's "Global Games" are off to a hilarious start. I mean, it wasn't funny for the 22,000 Mexico City fans who didn't get a chance to watch the Spurs and Timberwolves thanks to the arena filling up with smoke, but images like Tony Parker masking up and rushing into a burning building are pretty damn entertaining for… » 12/05/13 9:15am 12/05/13 9:15am

Here's A Poem By Rashad McCants You Might Enjoy

We received this from reader Jake, as part of our call for responses you've received from writing to athletes. (Keep sending those in, by the way.) It doesn't quite fit, so I still wanted to share it with you. » 11/11/13 6:11pm 11/11/13 6:11pm

Timberwolves Make Empty D-League Threat To Shabazz Muhammad

Timberwolves general manager Flip Saunders is not pleased with rookie Shabazz Muhammad's career to this point, leading him to make one of the emptier threats in the NBA: If you don't shape up, we'll send you to THE D-LEAGUE. » 8/10/13 11:40am 8/10/13 11:40am

"He's Playing A Different Game Than Most Other Humans": Ricky Rubio Goes…

This goes down as just two points, Ricky Rubio cutting to the basket and metaphorically pantsing Patty Mills and Aron Baynes in quick succession. But it's a pretty good microcosm of what he's capable of on his best nights: "making art," as the announcer says. Hang this opus in the MIA, because last night Rubio had the… » 3/13/13 9:56am 3/13/13 9:56am

J.J. Barea Ejected After Shoving Ray Allen, Calls Him A "Fucking Pussy"

The Miami Heat easily dispatched with the Minnesota Timberwolves 97-81 tonight but early in the fourth quarter things were still relatively close. Then J.J. Barea decided to go rogue. As you can see, he did not appreciate a little elbow/shove from Ray Allen that went uncalled and so, after collecting himself, caught… » 3/04/13 10:39pm 3/04/13 10:39pm