Porno For Pyros In The Minors

Come out to the Savannah Sand Gnats game next Saturday. There'll be food giveaways, and live music, and, oh yeah, one lucky fan gets to light a man on fire. » 8/06/10 1:25pm 8/06/10 1:25pm

Minor League Promotion Will Put You Off Eating For A While

It wasn't your typical eating contest last night at Eastlake Stadium, home of the Indians' single-A club. No, it spanned nine innings, with nine different courses (that's Spam in the photo), and ended in vomit, vomit everywhere. » 8/05/10 11:25am 8/05/10 11:25am

Minor League Promotion Violates Human Rights Laws, Constitution

It's a remarkable world we live in when a promotion meant to celebrate women can get written up as a violation of human rights laws. I hope Amnesty International doesn't have to be called for the next Free Bat Night. » 7/06/09 10:45am 7/06/09 10:45am

The Rehabilitation Of Jim Leyritz Continues Apace, One Minor League…

Get out your autograph books, kids — it's Legends Sunday at the Newark Bears' ballpark, and guess who'll be there! Why, none other than Jim "Jimmy" Leyritz, the legend on trial for vehicular manslaughter! » 5/29/09 4:00pm 5/29/09 4:00pm

The Las Vegas Wranglers Present The Greatest Night Of Hockey ... Ever

Minor league franchises always try hard to present a family friendly atmosphere, but for one night only the Las Vegas Wranglers will not be down with that. Get your tickets now for "Over 18 Night." » 3/20/09 1:30pm 3/20/09 1:30pm

Go Crazy, Folks

The reverberations from minor league manager Joe Mikulik's impassioned freak out last month are still being felt — and will continue to be until the beginning of September. The crafty promotions team of the Augusta (Ga.)Green Jackets is preparing for when Mikulik's Asheville (N.C.) Tourists come to town on Sept. 3. » 7/08/06 1:32pm 7/08/06 1:32pm

Your Chance To Hang With Cow Ripken, Jr. and Whale Gretzky

Coming to a minor league ballpark near you are the ZOOperstars! They're a traveling group of... well, I'm not sure how to describe them. They're giant plastic representations of popular athletes, if those athletes were animals. For example, Cow Ripken Jr. and Whale Gretzky. And, of course, Tiger Woodschuck. » 5/13/06 5:18pm 5/13/06 5:18pm

Not To Be Confused With "Ladies Night"

In case you were wondering where Robin Williams will be on the night of August 25, you can probably find him at the Potomac Nationals game. Why? It's "Hairiest Back At The Ballpark Night!" No, really. The winner will win a laser hair removal service valued at $2,500. Which seems like a big waste to us, but what do we… » 8/18/05 6:18pm 8/18/05 6:18pm