"Goodnight And Good Luck": Kevin-Costner-Owned Minor League Team's Announcer Quits On Air

Last week we brought you the peculiar odyssey of the Lake County Fielders, a minor league baseball club in Zion, Ill., owned in part by Kevin Costner. The Fielders' manager — former Blue Jays skipper Tim Johnson — resigned over team-wide pay disputes, many of its players refused to play, and the opposing manager,… » 7/18/11 6:15pm 7/18/11 6:15pm

Minor League Involving Kevin Costner, Jose Canseco, and Pete LaCock Devolves Into Extreme Chaos

One wishes there were a way to succinctly explain what the hell went on this weekend in the North American Baseball League. There isn't, but "mop-up catcher Joey Gathright" gets us pretty close to explaining the weird story of the NABL's Lake County (Ill.) Fielders, owned in part by Kevin Costner. » 7/12/11 11:15pm 7/12/11 11:15pm

All You Ever Wanted To Know About The Billings Mustangs...

Matt Bender has done a lot of things. He's had guns pointed at him while covering the "Freeman Standoff" in Jordan, he's sold laminate flooring, bedazzled leather cowboy outfits, been a bouncer, and scored games for the minor league Billings Mustangs. He's now ascended to the position of assistant general manager of… » 6/17/06 5:11pm 6/17/06 5:11pm