The Islanders' Logo Doesn't Even Have Brooklyn On It

When the Islanders announced their surprise move to the Barclays Center, the obvious questions was whether they would come in for a makeover, à la the Nets. They were quick to reassure their fans that the name and colors would carry over. » 10/24/12 7:45pm 10/24/12 7:45pm

Annals Of Bullshit: The Myth Of The Myth Of Cal Ripken's Historic Home…

Twenty years ago, Oriole Park at Camden Yards brought in an era of fake history in baseball architecture. So it fits that The Baltimore Sun's roundup of the park's greatest moments would feature fake history too. For the No. 1 moment, baseball beat reporter Dan Connolly described the night Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou… » 4/03/12 6:00pm 4/03/12 6:00pm