Soccer Coach In Coma Wakes Up When He Hears About Team's Comeback Win

Wayne Thorne was just starting his second season as the manager at English soccer club Larkhall Athletic when he was involved in a head-on car collision. He ruptured an artery in his heart and crushed 16 of his 24 ribs. He punctured a lung and shattered his hip and pelvis. He broke his sternum and his left leg.… »8/21/13 2:24pm8/21/13 2:24pm

Silver Medal Winning Paralympic Cyclist May Compete In Actual Olympics

You may ask: "How's that even possible?" She is no longer paralyzed anymore—that's how! "How's that even possible?" I have no idea. The whole thing sounds pretty crazy to me, but the Dutch cyclist was apparently un-paralyzed after getting into an accident while training for the London 2012 Paralympics. »12/03/11 3:00pm12/03/11 3:00pm