The Metrodome Gestapo

People have always hated The Minneapolis Metrodome, and now they have a new reason: It's a Nazi building. So says somebody/something called "Tim's TV," which claims at his/its site, "The Swastika Dome," that the Metrodome has a swastika designed in its roof. Just because we've just discovered this doesn't necessarily… » 8/25/05 1:22pm 8/25/05 1:22pm

The Trivia That Is Mike Laga

This is the final year for Busch Stadium, the home of the St. Louis Cardinals since 1966. Cardinals fans have a million memories of the old ballpark, but the one that sticks out to many is one that no one seems to be able to document: Former first baseman Mike Laga becoming the one man to hit a ball out of the stadium » 7/28/05 3:37pm 7/28/05 3:37pm

Devil Rays Declare War On Fan(s)

One would think that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays would be so happy to have someone actually show up for their games that they'd pretty much let them set up campfires in the bleachers if they wanted. Apparently not: They're now kicking out fans for bringing in peanuts. That's bad enough, of course; when the woman is a… » 7/28/05 2:03pm 7/28/05 2:03pm

HOOGA-BOOM Joins Reality TV World

If you are old enough to have watched the NFL back when Brent Musberger, Phillis George and Jimmy the Greek were on "The NFL Today" — and Kevin Nealon's famous SNL mockery of Musberger; "Here on CBSsssssssssss — you will surely remember old Cowboys quarterback Gary Hogeboom. Hogeboom played from 1980-89, backing up… » 7/26/05 10:10am 7/26/05 10:10am

Mr. T Joins Sox's Regular Gang Of Idiots

According to the Boston Herald, the first pitch at Friday's Red Sox-White Sox game is going to be thrown out by Mr. T. Strangely, the big takeaway from this little stunt is that T will be wearing socks. For a guy who we don't remember ever seeing in a shirt, we can't say this shocked us too much. » 7/20/05 11:41am 7/20/05 11:41am

Wily Mo Pena's iPod

Cincinnati Reds outfielder Wily Mo Pena is one of the hottest young prospects in baseball, in addition to having a wonderfully wacky name. He also has rather curious taste in music. According to the great Reds web log Red Hot Mama, when Pena comes to the plate at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, the public… » 7/06/05 1:59pm 7/06/05 1:59pm

Those Scary Raiders

The Oakland Raiders. Just that name makes you think of dudes in skull masks, draped in chains, guzzling motor oil and punching their grandmothers in the face. The team added two more malcontents in the offseason: wide receiver Randy Moss — whose Raiders jersey has already become the league's best seller — and running… » 6/22/05 2:55pm 6/22/05 2:55pm

Those Crazy Titanium Mets

We sometimes suspect that if you told a baseball player that putting a paper clip on each testicle would pull them out of slumps, they'd do it (and maybe even try the nipples too). The latest superstition craze in baseball, according to The New York Times (who would know, we guess), is the orange titanium necklace.… » 6/22/05 11:18am 6/22/05 11:18am

Look! Singing Baseball Players!

This has been out for a while, but we finally heard it today, so we couldn't let it slip by any longer. Oh Say Can You SING?, an album of covers by baseball players, has been unleashed into the wild. Included are: » 6/03/05 11:56am 6/03/05 11:56am

Royals Somehow Continue To Exist — For Now

According to our calculations, the only two Kansas City Royals fans left on the planet are Rob Neyer and Bill James (who works for the Red Sox now and is therefore divided). This is a shame. The Royals were once one of baseball's prestige franchises and now, writes Baseball Prospectus' Joe Sheehan, they now have no… » 5/31/05 5:26pm 5/31/05 5:26pm

MLB Is Down With The Kids, Dawg

Major League Baseball last weekend hosted the second annual (deep breath) "Little League Urban Initiative Jamboree." There are countless things that are amusing about this. Here are a few: » 5/31/05 11:27am 5/31/05 11:27am

The Vanishing N'Awlins Scene

Legitimate question: Is there any point to having sports teams in New Orleans anymore? The Hornets can't draw any fans after just two years in town, the Saints stink and are hated by the five Louisianans who care and now they're the top candidate for the inevitable NFL move back to Los Angeles. Saints owner Tom… » 5/25/05 10:42am 5/25/05 10:42am

How The Suns Saved The NBA

We'll be honest: On the whole, we're not really big fans of self-proclaimed Best American Writer Neal Pollack. (We've always considered him pretty much schtick in a vacuum.) But we must admit, his newly posted Slate piece on the Phoenix Suns is kind of brillant. A longtime Suns fan, he argues that the Suns are the… » 5/24/05 5:02pm 5/24/05 5:02pm

Lousy Closer Spurs T-Shirt Sales

Danny Graves, the firestarter who was designated for assignment by the Reds yesterday, continues to inspire considerable consternation from his supporters and his detractors. Strangely, his biggest boosters seem to be the teammates whose lives he has made miserable all season; Cincy social climber Sean Casey said it… » 5/24/05 1:56pm 5/24/05 1:56pm

Tillman's Parents Blast Military

Pat Tillman's parents blasted the military yesterday for lying to them about the circumstances of their son's death. Tillman, a former strong safety for the Arizona Cardinals, was killed by family fire in Afghanistan in April 2004. "The truth may be painful, but it's the truth," says his mother. "You start to contrive… » 5/23/05 10:42am 5/23/05 10:42am

Creator of Batting Helmet Dies From Something Other Than a Head Injury…

Charlie Muse, the inventor of the batting helmet, has died. He worked for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 52 years, mostly as the traveling secretary (his assistant was not George Costanza). "The players laughed at the first helmets, called them miner's helmets," Muse said about his invention. "They said the only players… » 5/17/05 12:29pm 5/17/05 12:29pm