Here's A Reminder That Missy Franklin Is 18 And Dominating Everyone

Missy Franklin took part in the swimming world championships in Barcelona today and just ruined everyone else's day. In case you forgot, she's only 18 years old. » 8/03/13 4:38pm 8/03/13 4:38pm

Now Competing Against Denver-Area High School Girls: A Four-Time…

Missy "The Missile" Franklin dominated women's swimming for the US this past summer in London, winning five medals—four of them gold—and just recently announced her intent to attend Cal-Berkeley and swim there competitively for two years before preparing for Rio in 2016. » 11/29/12 12:15am 11/29/12 12:15am

NBC Runs Today Promo Spoiling Outcome Of Race They Were About To Air

NBC can't even do tape delay properly, it seems. Tonight's heavily-hyped broadcast of Missy Franklin's 100 backstroke became a moot point after the Peacock Network ran the above promo for the commercial break before the race actually aired. If you're one of the fools who actually avoids learning about… » 7/30/12 10:04pm 7/30/12 10:04pm