The Ballad Of The Other J.R. Smith, Web Designer And Recipient Of Much Of The Praise And Scorn Meant For The Knicks' J.R. Smith

Via Trey Kerby, the above mournful tweet, from J.R. Smith, the web designer (and, as his Twitter bio puts it, "NOT A BASKETBALL PLAYER"). If you're wondering how the other J.R. Smith can tell basketball season has started up, well, social media really has a way of putting people in touch with their favorite… »11/17/12 3:10pm11/17/12 3:10pm


ESPN Repeatedly Identifies Random Man As Former NFL Running Back Fred Taylor

Former Florida and Jaguars great Fred Taylor has a son, Kelvin, who like dad plays running back and is committed to play for the Gators. Kelvin's Glades Day squad made the trip up to Yulee for a battle of Florida high school heavyweights, and the ESPN broadcast focused mostly on Fred Taylor, who will be inducted… »9/30/12 10:30am9/30/12 10:30am

The Hidden Victim Of Yahoo Sports' Miami Report: Former Florida Guard Teddy DuPay

Yesterday's Yahoo Sports dressing-down of The U included all the usual NCAA hand-wringing: illegal cars, strippers, and cash. We got a little excited because stripper abortions and bowling Donna Shalala were involved. (Anytime there's an investigation this big, there has to be the littlest bit of something interesting… »8/17/11 3:05pm8/17/11 3:05pm

Dance Show Contestant Hines Ward Sees Nothing Newsworthy About Getting Cuffed At Gunpoint Today

Hines Ward, who guest blogs about Dancing With The Stars for the Los Angeles Times, was driving home from a late dinner through North Hollywood early this morning when he "was briefly detained at gunpoint in a mix-up over a reported stolen car." Seems as if his ladyfriend (or friend who happens to be a lady) told… »5/05/11 9:30pm5/05/11 9:30pm