Mizzou Admits They Fucked Up Sexual Assault Case of Student Athlete

Following a school-requested investigation, the University of Missouri has acknowledged that they failed to properly address evidence indicating student Sasha Menu Corey had been sexually assaulted by a fellow student, an incident that appears to have led in part to her eventual suicide. » 4/15/14 4:39pm Tuesday 4:39pm

Police Will Investigate Alleged Rape Of Missouri Swimmer

Following a report published last week by ESPN's Outside the Lines that detailed the alleged rape and subsequent suicide of former University of Missouri swimmer Sasha Menu Courey, the Columbia, Mo., police department has opened an investigation into the alleged attack. » 1/27/14 1:18pm 1/27/14 1:18pm

There Are No Words To Describe "SEC Bound," The Country Song Dedicated…

When people say they hate country music, this video is probably what they're thinking of: A million Midwestern clichés wrapped into a three-minute, 52-second package of lasso practice, pickup trucks in fields, guitar-playing on top of hay bales, and college kids rowboating on dry land. (Is that what they do for fun in… » 8/29/12 8:25pm 8/29/12 8:25pm

Purdue Not-So-Subtly Blames Cheap Purdue Donors For Matt Painter's…

Purdue head coach Matt Painter, who has led the Boilermakers to four straight 25-win seasons, is meeting with Missouri officials in Florida today to discuss their recently vacated head coaching job. The John Purdue Club is in a tizzy over his potential departure, even though this scenario seems more representative of a … » 3/29/11 2:25pm 3/29/11 2:25pm