How Fox Faked Crowd Enthusiasm For Neil Diamond Last Night

Last night's MLB All-Star Game in New York featured a few high moments, several low moments, and one weird moment. Neil Diamond's distorted, off-tempo rendition of "Sweet Caroline" just prior to Mariano Rivera's final appearance as an All-Star was one of the worst—but Fox did its best to cover that up. » 7/17/13 3:25pm 7/17/13 3:25pm

Prince Fielder Hitting A Triple While McCarver Recites “Enter Sandman”

Some strange things happened at tonight's All-Star Game in New York. A Kansas City player got a hit, for one. (The last Royal to do that was Bo Jackson.) Yankees closer Mariano Rivera entered the game in a save situation, but didn't earn the save. The weirdest parts, though? That Prince Fielder hit a triple, and Tim… » 7/16/13 11:35pm 7/16/13 11:35pm

Marlins Complain To MLB Because Greg Dobbs, Justin Ruggiano, And Steve …

Giancarlo Stanton, the hulking Marlins right fielder, is having one hell of an age-22 season—19 home runs, a .284/.364/.554 batting line, an all-star spot, solid gold stuff. Or, well, Stanton's season was solid gold until he hurt his knee. He underwent surgery today and pulled out of the home run derby and all-star… » 7/09/12 12:40pm 7/09/12 12:40pm

White Sox Bribing Fans To Vote Jake Peavy To The All-Star Team

It's time again for the stumpin' and campaignin' of the All-Star Game Final Vote, which I reluctantly capitalize since it's not a particularly creative branding (No "Plus One?" Or "Let's Get The Japanese Fans On Our Mailing Lists?"), and it's not particularly final, since most of these guys will get on as injury… » 7/02/12 6:20pm 7/02/12 6:20pm

MLB Announces Starting Lineups For 83rd All-Star Game, Fans Everywhere …

The MLB announced the starters for this year's midsummer exhibition-game-that-is-not-really-an-exhibition-game-because-home-field-advantage-is-inexplicably-awarded-to-the-league-that-wins-this-exhibition-game. That means it's time for everyone to gripe about how Player X should have been a starter over Player Y. Pablo … » 7/01/12 2:18pm 7/01/12 2:18pm

Justin Timberlake At The All-Star Game: Drunk, Sarcastic,…

Justin Timberlake has redeemable qualities, doesn't he? He can sing and dance, he is a good SNL host, and he reportedly even has feelings. All this is more than we can say about Joe Buck. So no matter your opinion of the former boy band front-teen, he deserves some credit for agreeing to a live-broadcast television… » 7/13/11 11:35am 7/13/11 11:35am

The MLB All-Star Game: You Might As Well Watch

MLB plays its All-Star Game tonight in Phoenix (8 p.m. Eastern, Fox), and, as Bud Selig has told us far too many times, this one counts. Jered Weaver and Roy Halladay are starting, and they're good. And Derek Jeter, who's not so good, won't be there. It's a win-win. Except for Buck/McCarver. Emigrate over to the… » 7/12/11 7:28pm 7/12/11 7:28pm

The Derby Featured A Diving Catch Into A Pool, And Not A Single Drop…

Our esteemed announcers preferred an earlier catch to this gentleman's play, but they fail to notice that on his dive, he manages to save his entire pint. This great nation will go to great lengths to ensure that we never waste a drop of an overpriced lager. » 7/12/11 10:25am 7/12/11 10:25am