Dale Murphy Is Into LCD Soundsystem And Has No Idea How He Ended Up On The Rockies

Dale Murphy dropped by reddit yesterday to answer a few fan questions (perhaps as a way of rallying support before the December 31 Hall of Fame ballot, the last on which his name will appear, perhaps because he felt like it). Convivial and honest as usual, Murphy gave some great answers, including posting the picture… »12/22/12 12:15pm12/22/12 12:15pm

The Marlins Specifically Promised Not To Trade Jose Reyes And Mark Buehrle, Traded Jose Reyes And Mark Buehrle

Need another reason to hate the Marlins? Let's add this to the list (there's seriously a list): not only did the Miami Marlins and their awful ownership trade away half the team—they did so despite promising at least two stars, who signed with the Marlins this summer hoping to stay in Miami for some time, that they… »11/17/12 7:15pm11/17/12 7:15pm

Nationals Minor-Leaguer Allegedly Corrupts Youth in the Back of His Car

This charming young fellow is 25-year-old Garrett Guzman. He enjoys long fly balls out of the park, walking to first base, piña coladas, and a per diem over $25. (Or so we assume. He is, after all, a minor-leaguer in the Washington Nationals system, playing in Harrisburg, PA.) We have also received word that Mr.… »9/13/08 5:45pm9/13/08 5:45pm