The Astros Are Trying To Dick Draft Picks Out Of Their Money

The Astros selected high school pitcher Brady Aiken with the first overall pick in this year's amateur draft, and quickly came to a verbal agreement that would pay Aiken a $6.5 million bonus, a notch down from the $7.9 million slot value that was assigned the No. 1 pick. But now the Astros are trying to wriggle out of… »7/15/14 11:58am7/15/14 11:58am

Report: The Phillies Ratted Out Two Draft Picks To The NCAA

Oregon State pitcher Ben Wetzler has been suspended since the start of college baseball season. The NCAA is investigating whether he retained the services of an agent to negotiate with the Phillies, who drafted him in the fifth round in 2013 but were unable to sign him. Now it seems the Phillies have snitched on him,… »2/20/14 8:42am2/20/14 8:42am

Red Sox Draft Pick Not Allowed To Walk At HS Graduation After Skipping Rehearsal To Negotiate Contract [UPDATE]

The Boston Red Sox took Ty Buttrey in the fourth round of the MLB draft on Monday night, the same night his classmates at Providence High School in Charlotte, N.C., were rehearsing for their June 12 graduation ceremony. But Buttrey wasn't there. He was too busy getting rich. »6/06/12 5:35pm6/06/12 5:35pm

MLB's New Draft Rules, Designed To Increase Competitive Balance, Help Kill It

Major League Baseball and the players' union inked a new, five-year collective bargaining agreement today, and that's all well and good. We won't have another 1994, at least not for a while, and, yes, you can hear NBA fans groaning in the corner over there. There will be plenty of baseball. And, if you care, it will… »11/22/11 6:15pm11/22/11 6:15pm

The First Rounder Who'd Rather Play For The Long Island Ducks Than Sign With The Astros

The Astros are high on UConn outfielder George Springer, who they took last month with the 11th overall pick. How high? He's got some wondering if Hunter Pence isn't now expendable. But the deadline to agree to terms is August 15th, and Springer spent his weekend on Long Island, meeting with the GM of the independent… »7/26/11 3:05pm7/26/11 3:05pm

If You Aren't Related To A Major Leaguer, Or If You Can Walk, You Probably Weren't Drafted

The MLB draft is long. Like, super super long with about a million players getting picked. It's a crapshoot the deeper you go, so teams just pick players that will make a quick headline (like the Cubs drafting a fat kid). What better way to do that than pick a player whose name fans already know? »6/09/11 11:25am6/09/11 11:25am

Trent Boras Will Probably Be The Most Disappointing Major Leaguer Of Scott Boras's Career

Major League Baseball is merciful enough to not force its annual three-day draft onto us in the form of a television package deal with weeping grandmothers and incarcerated fathers. For that, we are grateful. But we'll admit that it would have made for great television to see Scott Boras react to Bud Selig's old club… »6/08/11 4:00pm6/08/11 4:00pm