The Angels Are Going To Screw Up Mike Trout's Contract

Yahoo's Jeff Passan reports that the Angels and Mike Trout are in talks on a contract extension that would lock up the 22-year-old superstar for six years and around $150 million. This is an eminently reasonable number; it just makes no sense for the Angels. » 2/24/14 3:49pm 2/24/14 3:49pm

Dan Lozano: Albert Pujols's Superagent, "King Of Sleaze Mountain"

Somebody's out to get Dan Lozano. The agent for Albert Pujols, Lozano is pursuing what everyone expects to be the biggest contract in baseball, the financial and professional zenith of a career that's been two decades of success. When Lozano, 44, left the Beverly Hills Sports Council last year, he took with him his… » 11/22/11 6:45pm 11/22/11 6:45pm