MLB Network Beat Fox Sports 1 In Primetime Last Week

The ratings are in: Fox Sports 1 finished its first full week about 1.94 million viewers behind ESPN. Variety reports that Fox Sports 1 averaged 161,000 viewers in primetime, behind ESPN's 2.17 million, ESPN2's 473,000, the NFL Network's 383,000 and MLB Network's 193,000. The good news for Fox is that it did beat the… » 8/28/13 10:49am 8/28/13 10:49am

Brian Kenny Loses His Shit On Hawk Harrelson

Hawk Harrelson is the play-by-play announcer for the Chicago White Sox, and he is the worst. During Wednesday night's broadcast of the White Sox-Nationals game, Harrelson said some dumb things about Sabermetrics that essentially boiled down to this: Sabermetrics don't work and the only way to build a winning baseball… » 4/12/13 2:40pm 4/12/13 2:40pm

Here's Ken Rosenthal Comparing The Sabermetrics Community To The Tea…

Fox MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal was on the MLB Network today, talking about the Hall of Fame vote and bow ties and whatever else it is Ken Rosenthal likes to talk about these days. At some point, the conversation turned to Jack Morris and his continued inability to garner enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame.… » 1/09/13 6:20pm 1/09/13 6:20pm

A D-Backs Employee Embarrassed Himself On MLB Network's Game Show Last…

Poor Josh DeFamio, graphics supervisor of the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was on MLB Network's Baseball IQ—a show in which teams' employees compete to win money for charity—last night, ready to advance to the finals to face off against Mets statistician Ben Baumer. All he has to do is name 10 of the 19 baseball Hall of… » 2/24/12 7:02pm 2/24/12 7:02pm

Man Falls In Lobby Pool At Winter Meetings, Makes Bigger Splash Than…

Rolling MLB Network cameras caught one distracted visitor taking a spill into the reflecting pool at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, where baseball's winter meeting are being held. It's all fun and games until somebody gets sued. [, via SBN] » 12/08/11 3:10pm 12/08/11 3:10pm

Those MLB Net Guys Have All The Fun: Eric Byrnes Jacks Up Harold…

The fun starts 25 seconds in, when Harold Reynolds takes to a stool on MLB Net's giant Secaucus field of dreams. Byrnes is there to explain what Rockies left fielder Charlie Blackmon should have done to the nuisances in the Cubs bullpen who obstructed him on a pop-up. Reynolds is his prop. Byrnes blindsides him like » 6/29/11 5:05pm 6/29/11 5:05pm

Matt Vasgersian Continues To Have Trouble With Live Television

Brad Hawpe was carted off the field last night after being hit hard with an errant pick-off throw. It was scary moment, made more awkward by Matt Vasgersian's subtle, yet poorly executed brand of "humor." » 4/28/09 11:45am 4/28/09 11:45am