Your NL West "Preview"

You know what? This might sound kind of crazy, but we think it's possible that the NL West might not be any better than it was last year. The only way there's any team better than last year's Padres is if Los Steroido somehow stays healthy (and eligible) all season ... and even then we're kind of pushing it. Our…

Your AL West "Preview"

You know, you wouldn't think it would be that hard to predict the winner of the AL West. Jeez, there are only four teams, after all. Yet we always get this division wrong: We always predict the A's at the wrong time. Which is probably not much solace to A's fans right now.

Your NL Central "Preview"

Our personal favorite division has had a monotonous feel to it the last few years, with the Cardinals and the Astros advancing and meeting in the NLCS two consecutive times. (This, of course, is fine with us.) We also have a feeling that the NL Central is the only division in baseball with three stadiums that look…