30 Paragraphs About 30 MLB Teams From The Baseball Prospectus Crew

The following is excerpted from the team chapters and player profiles of the perpetually splendid Baseball Prospectus. You can buy the book now. And be sure to head over to the BP site this weekend for free access to their content. Projected records via BP's playoff odds report. » 3/29/13 3:32pm 3/29/13 3:32pm

Your AL East "Preview"

All right, whether you're ready for it or not, baseball is starting Sunday night. (The Mets will watch the Cardinals raise their World Series title flag. The Cardinals won the World Series last year.) The full slate of games kick off Monday, so we figured it was time to start previewing some divisions. Three today,… » 3/29/07 12:45pm 3/29/07 12:45pm

One Tiny Tidbit On: The Reds, The Twins, The Blue Jays and The Rangers

Baseball is here! Inspired by an old feature on The Black Table, we're previewing the season by going team-by-team and distributing Four Things You Don't Know about them. Today we close out this feature with four leftover tidbits from four different teams. On Monday we'll begin previewing the World Cup teams, so if you … » 4/07/06 2:15pm 4/07/06 2:15pm