Baseball Umpire Doesn't See Anything Wrong Here

Tim McClelland has been calling major league games since before some steroid users were born, and he is a passionate defender of the rules of the game. Unless those rules involve steroids. » 2/18/09 12:00pm 2/18/09 12:00pm

It's Official: Baseball Is Worse Than Professional Wrestling

Well, that's if you listen to former Minnesota Governor and feather-boa'd wrestler, Jesse "The Body" Ventura, who wondered why the Feds aren't going after Bud Selig like they did Vince McMahon. » 2/18/09 11:15am 2/18/09 11:15am

Bud Selig: It's Not My Fault

The day before Alex Rodriguez makes his first Spring Training appearance, commissioner Bud Selig went on the record with Newsday to remind everyone that none of this steroid business could possibly be his fault. » 2/17/09 11:30am 2/17/09 11:30am

Would Any Names Shock You At This Point?

Now that A-Rod's been outed as a 2003 steroid user, many are wondering when the other 103 names on that not-so-mysterious list will be revealed. Would any player's name surprise you? » 2/09/09 1:45pm 2/09/09 1:45pm