Reports: MLB Nearing Deal On Longer Suspensions For PED Use

It's been reported that the MLBPA and owners are close to an agreement on new, harsher penalties for players who test positive for PEDs, with an announcement possibly coming this week. Now Jon Heyman gives us numbers, reporting that players would face an 80-game suspension for a first offense, and 162 games—one full… » 3/27/14 4:50pm 3/27/14 4:50pm

Report: Players Will Make A-Rod's Life Miserable If He Comes Back

Baseball players are the world's biggest meatheads. A player admires his home run? Throw a ball at his face. An athlete in a totally different sport talks trash? Throw a ball at his face. A fellow union member files a lawsuit in a last-ditch effort to salvage $25 million? THROW A BALL AT HIS FACE. RESPECT THE GAME. » 1/21/14 1:48pm 1/21/14 1:48pm

Arbitrator Calls A-Rod's Conduct "Unprecedented"; A-Rod Sues Everyone

Below you can read Alex Rodriguez's full suit against both Major League Baseball and the players' union. Filed in a New York district court today, it seeks to overturn the arbitration panel's ruling that imposed a 162-game suspension, keeping Rodriguez out of baseball for all of the 2014 season. » 1/13/14 6:11pm 1/13/14 6:11pm

Why Marvin Miller Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

On the occasion of union leader Marvin Miller once again falling shot of the Hall of Fame, it's instructive to note that no sport has had a longer labor peace than baseball. How it got here is easy enough to explain, and has everything to do with Miller's work. » 12/09/13 5:18pm 12/09/13 5:18pm

The Labor Giant Who Transformed American Sports

It's Labor Day. Why not remember Marvin Miller, the union head who dragged baseball into modernity, with this reflection, written one day after his death last fall? » 9/02/13 10:30am 9/02/13 10:30am

Alex Rodriguez Appeals Suspension, Likely Won't Claim Innocence

The MLBPA has formally filed an appeal on behalf of its most divisive member. Alex Rodriguez's case will be heard by an independent arbitrator, and we may not know for months whether his record 211-game suspension will stand. » 8/08/13 9:10am 8/08/13 9:10am

Exclusive: Q&A With MLBPA, MLB Officials On Ryan Braun Suspension

Earlier today, Deadspin, seeking clarification on some of the issues surrounding the recent suspension of Ryan Braun for unspecified "violations of the Basic Agreement and its Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program," conducted a question-and-answer session via email with officials from the Major League Baseball… » 7/23/13 1:10pm 7/23/13 1:10pm

How America Commie-Baited A Baseball Hero

MLB executives and owners feared Marvin Miller, but they weren't the first. FBI documents reveal that the federal government, at the height of the Red Scare, undertook an embarrassingly extensive investigation into Miller's liberalism to determine whether or not he was a loyal citizen of the United States. » 5/14/13 12:35pm 5/14/13 12:35pm

The Union Wants Bud Selig To Force The Marlins To Spend More Money

Here's the projected payroll for the 2013 Miami Marlins. After a fire sale that began with trading star shortstop Hanley Ramirez and ended with trading star shortstop Jose Reyes (and everyone else), this isn't a rebuilding year. It's austerity straight from Christine Lagarde's desk. » 1/21/13 12:55pm 1/21/13 12:55pm

MLB Fires Arbitrator Shyam Das, Days After A Second Player Successfully…

Shyam Das is no longer the most powerful man in baseball. As the permanent, independent arbitrator on baseball's three-man panel that also includes reps from MLB and the players' union, Das has almost always been the swing vote in any matter reaching his desk. He's been in place since 1999, with the proviso that he… » 5/14/12 4:50pm 5/14/12 4:50pm

Adam Eaton The Prospect Gets Checks Meant For Adam Eaton The Former…

Adam Eaton is a 23-year-old outfielder in the Diamondbacks system, who's a long shot to break camp with the club. But sitting at his locker earlier this spring, he had a pile of checks dumped in his lap: more than $120,000 worth. » 3/22/12 4:14pm 3/22/12 4:14pm

MLBPA's Charity Block Will Cost Players In The Long Run

The players' union has struck down the "Manny Ramirez provision," which allowed teams to force players to donate to charity as part of their contracts. But it looks like the MLBPA might've hurt their own guys on this one. » 2/04/10 7:35pm 2/04/10 7:35pm

Donald Fehr Stepping Down As Head Of Player's Association

After shepherding the MLB Players' Association through nearly 25 years of labor strife, executive director Donald Fehr is calling it a job ... done. We'll always (not) have 1994. [ESPN] » 6/22/09 2:55pm 6/22/09 2:55pm