What's Up With MLB.TV, And How Can It Be Fixed?

MLB's online offering has long been the technological leader among U.S. major sports. That's no surprise given the size and financial power of MLB Advanced Media, but repeated issues with the service across devices this season have made MLB.TV look more like NBA League Pass. » 4/03/14 2:10pm 4/03/14 2:10pm

A Reader Reports: The Real Loser Of The Orioles-Red Sox Marathon Was…

Time will tell what yesterday's 17th-inning Chris Davis-Darnell McDonald pitching showdown means for the 2012 American League East race. But for the world's scattered Red Sox and Orioles fans, it already proved one thing: MLB.tv can't do the job. Not long after both teams ran out of pitchers, MLB.tv ran out of… » 5/07/12 3:53pm 5/07/12 3:53pm

These Adorable Kids Are Going To Take Down MLB's Iron-Fisted Video…

The MLB video war continues, quietly, even though we've kind of been actively ignoring one another for some time now. We received a lot of initial interest in our plan to take down the iron-fisted video regime, but then I guess it rained everywhere in America for two weeks and everyone's practice was canceled and… » 5/06/11 7:40pm 5/06/11 7:40pm

Help Us Subvert MLB Video: Submit Your Highlights To Become The…

We're truly inspired by how many of you are interested in mocking the MLB video policy by reenacting its highlights each week. We've heard from volunteers from T-ball teams, high school teams, plenty of "beer-drinking softball teams," and one from a guy who isn't "allowed within 200 yards of a school," but who runs a… » 4/18/11 4:45pm 4/18/11 4:45pm

We Need Youth Baseball Teams To Reenact MLB Highlights For Us Because…

We've been playing a fun game with the MLB video team for the past few weeks. It goes something like this: We post a highlight video from a game; they promptly email us with an informal cease-and-desist note; we take down the video and complain about it. » 4/18/11 1:40pm 4/18/11 1:40pm

MLB.tv Now Selling You More Stuff

MLB.tv, for which we pay $110 annually, introduced a new feature on its games yesterday: House ads for MLB.tv, played in-between innings, imploring fans to "keep watching." Well, OK, we'll keep watching, as long as you promise the games are coming back on. They are, right? OK, cool: The watching shall continue. » 5/21/08 2:20pm 5/21/08 2:20pm

MLB.tv Is Five ... Buffering ... Years ... Buffering ... Old

We have a subscription to MLB.tv, one that we use the same way we use, say, a miniature tube of toothpaste. It's only needed when we're on the road, it's never quite the brand we like, but it works in a pinch despite its obvious inferiority to the real thing. (It also ends up staining our suitcase, but perhaps that's… » 8/24/07 11:40am 8/24/07 11:40am