MLS Season Ends In Most Fitting Way Possible

The MLS Cup was last night. (Did you notice? Did you know NASCAR also crowned its champ?) It ended with an own goal and the hero injuring himself on his fateful strike. It couldn't have gone down any other way. » 11/22/10 1:30pm 11/22/10 1:30pm

Dude, I Think Stryper Won A Trophy or Something

Michael Bertin writes regularly about soccer for Deadspin. » 11/24/08 12:45pm 11/24/08 12:45pm Frankie Hejduk has been in MLS for nine years. He's done five seasons in Europe four of which were with Bayern Levekusen, including the infamous 1999-2000 campaign when the side needed only a draw against tiny Unterhaching on the last day of the season to win…

The MLS Cup Could Be Yours

The Houston Dynamo — or Dynamos; whatever — won the MLS Cup Trophy earlier this year. Way to go, guys; we're happy for you. In a way to try to promote the league and team, the Dynamo has decided to temporarily auction off the trophy. » 12/20/07 6:00pm 12/20/07 6:00pm

New England Finally Lost (At Something)

Well it's not the Patriots, but hey, it's still fun watching the Revolution twist in the wind. For the second consecutive year the Houston Dynamo are champions of Major League Soccer at the expense of the perpetual also-rans from New England.
» 11/18/07 4:32pm 11/18/07 4:32pm