"I Never Wore A Watch": Running Lessons From A Record-Breaking Everyman

Mo Farah, the British Olympian who won double gold in the 2012 summer games, predicted that the very least he would accomplish in his first go at 26.2 miles, the London Marathon in April, would be to break Steve Jones's 29-year-old U.K. record of 2:07.13. Farah trains with Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon Project.… »5/21/14 3:15pm5/21/14 3:15pm


U.S. Border Guards Detained Mo Farah, Who Won Two Olympic Gold Medals Six Months Ago, On Suspicion Of Being A Terrorist

Mo Farah, gold-medal winner in the men's 5,000m and 10,000m this summer in London, hilarious celebrator, and world-famous meme, couldn't get through customs in Oregon over the Christmas holiday because he is of Somalian descent. That'll show him for beating us in the Olympics! (And also expose our border control as… »12/30/12 3:30pm12/30/12 3:30pm

Watch BBC Announcers And Commentators Go Berserk As Mo Farah Won Gold In The 5,000 Meters

Mo Farah scored a royal double for Great Britain in winning the 10,000m and today's 5,000m, and the importance of his win can really only be understood through how their media covered the event. Here, then, is the final 150 meters of his race, with isolated cameras on announcer Steve Cram and the BBC analysis team.… »8/11/12 3:57pm8/11/12 3:57pm