Tigers Woods And Lindsey Vonn Are Facebook Official

The high school cafeteria jock table nearly flipped over in pent-up anticipation today, when Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn—sports' 218th-hottest couple—made their relationship Facebook official. » 3/18/13 1:30pm 3/18/13 1:30pm

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Nearly Got Catfished, Too, But Realized He…

It's still difficult to tell to what extent Manti Te'o was duped by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo and any co-conspirators, but if he did begin the relationship in good faith, he'd join at least one other athlete that has been taken in—if briefly—by online an suitors pretending to be someone she wasn't. It's a good group. » 1/19/13 3:35pm 1/19/13 3:35pm

More Leaked Shaq Emails: "We Dnt Want Them Do What They R Doing To…

If we all thought we might be in danger of having our emails leaked to the general public, we might write our emails differently. We might, for example, not exchange hypothetical emails with our hypothetical agents asking him to cover up hypothetical stories relating our infidelity. We might, hypothetically, type… » 8/29/11 12:00pm 8/29/11 12:00pm

More Leaked Shaq Emails: "Where Can I Cum At When I C U"?

Dominica Westling is famous for being, in her own website's words, "a gorgeous Swedish model turned Hollywood actress." For the past few years, she's also been referred to—by news reports and cash-hungry publicists alike—as Shaquille O'Neal's mistress. » 8/25/11 12:00pm 8/25/11 12:00pm

Dwight Howard Tweeted About His Dump To Some Young Lady

I assume this is the kind of true romance—for which NBA players, Dwight especially—are known, the Harlequin stuff that necessitated Basketball Wives. Having never watched the program, I assume it's all about the refined courtship techniques of professional basketball players. Such as this. » 7/17/11 4:15pm 7/17/11 4:15pm

Sasha Vujacic Cheers On His Fiancée, Maria Sharapova, Like An Ass, Too

Tomorrow's New York Times has a feature on Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic, sports' biggest power couple since Shelden Williams tied the knot with that lady. You probably remember Vujacic from the 2008 NBA Finals, when he and his hair nearly derailed Boston's title chase. He's since been exiled to New Jersey. He's… » 6/28/11 7:45pm 6/28/11 7:45pm

The NBA Draft: Where Love Happens?

Jan Vesely, a 6-11 swingman from the Czech Republic, was selected sixth overall by the Washington Wizards in last night's NBA Draft. For any 21-year-old, the moment would have been special. You're on national television in a brand new suit, and you're about to become a millionaire. But Vesely and his girlfriend, Eva… » 6/24/11 12:00pm 6/24/11 12:00pm

Meet Vancouver's Golden Riot Couple

"An avid traveller and aspiring stand-up comedian, the 29-year-old Mr. Jones has been in Canada on a 12-month work visa since last fall and has worked in the hospitality industry in Vancouver. He and Ms. Thomas are going on a trip to California soon and plan to move to Australia later this summer." [The Globe and Mail] » 6/17/11 11:20am 6/17/11 11:20am

Gilbert Arenas Did Not Have Fun On His Blind Date

Our friend Gilbert recently went through some tough times with his baby mama. And it's tough to be back out on the market again, in Orlando's minefield of a singles scene. We're sympathetic. But it sounds like the NBA might not be. » 6/10/11 11:55am 6/10/11 11:55am

Charlie Bell's Love-Advice Videos Are Strangely Poignant Now That His…

Golden State backup guard Charlie Bell has a bizarre web series called the "Truth Doctor" in which he doles out love advice to the masses (relatively speaking: most clips get about 500 views) and takes people on tours of his sparse apartment. Another interesting tidbit about Charlie Bell: his wife was charged with… » 5/03/11 4:50pm 5/03/11 4:50pm

Mark Sanchez Talks About Getting Caught In An Elevator, 17-Year-Old Girl

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Mark Sanchez gets stuck in an elevator. And other stuff. » 4/11/11 7:05pm 4/11/11 7:05pm