How To Fix Your TV If You Couldn't See The Timeouts On Monday Night Football 

A lot of people complained last night that ESPN’s new, flashy graphics system for Monday Night Football no longer showed how many timeouts each team had remaining. That’s not true! As you can see above, the timeouts are clearly displayed beneath each team’s logo. If you couldn’t see those, then your TV isn’t set up… »9/15/15 10:10am

Boomer Esiason Says He And Matt Millen Got Stoned During MNF Broadcast

Remember the first time you went to a party and had, like, a sip of alcohol and couldn't stop talking about how wasted you were? This is a lot like that. Boomer Esiason does Monday Night Football color commentary on the radio and recently revealed that in his first year on the broadcast he and Millen got a contact… »1/11/14 9:53am

ESPN's Twitter Has The Thirst, Is Asking Every Famous Person For Monday Night Football Predictions

Who's in charge of ESPN's Twitter account, and why are they tweeting at a bunch of famous people about tonight's Giants-Redskins game? Trying to boost ratings? A game between the defending Super Bowl champions and a team with one of the season's most exciting rookies probably won't be overlooked, so these tweets just… »12/03/12 5:30pm

Official Monday Night Football Twitter Account Accidentally Links To German News Story About Brutal Nightclub Death

Apparently, ESPN's Monday Night Football broadcast runs some Twitter contest that amounts to "What player is Jon Gruden thinking of right now?" Last night, Gruden was thinking of San Francisco's NaVorro Bowman, which user @DanShedd correctly guessed. The MNF crew congratulated Dan on Twitter, told him what he won,… »11/20/12 2:00pm