Jack Johnson Is Fighting For His Contract In Bankruptcy Court

Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last October, after being scammed out of millions by his parents. Now, he’s attempting to convert his filing into a Chapter 7 case—which, in very broad terms, would allow Johnson to resolve his debts by liquidating his assets instead of via… »9/10/15 2:20pm9/10/15 2:20pm


This Is How Much It Costs To Run A Professional Race Team

Racing is expensive. The cars, the trucks, the tires, hell, even the snazzy polo shirts with a little logo on it all cost money. But it’s always been a mystery just how much money. Until now. Here’s the story of how one team spent more than $150,000 on all of it – and that’s just for one race. »8/21/15 6:00pm8/21/15 6:00pm

You Think Your Taxes Are Bad? NASCAR Drivers Have To File In 20 States

Today, April 15th, is Tax Day. And you think this is a problem for you, because you are ever-so-slightly disorganized. But today should be the one day you thank the Lord On High that you are not also a NASCAR driver, because doing a NASCAR driver’s taxes is a pit of the deepest, darkest, hottest hellfire. UPDATE »4/15/15 8:20pm4/15/15 8:20pm

The NASCAR Hall Of Fame Has Been A Financial Disaster For Charlotte

NASCAR's Hall of Fame was supposed to be a great temple to the sport, filled with throngs of devoted fans during each hour it was open. Except the fans never showed up, and the great temple has been hemorrhaging cash. Which really wouldn't be a big deal, except now the City of Charlotte, North Carolina is paying for… »2/11/15 4:50pm2/11/15 4:50pm

Wait, The NCAA Can Pay Players' Parents Now?

The day before yesterday, if a school reached the Final Four or the College Football Playoff and anyone—the NCAA, the CFP, the school, a booster, President Obama, etc.—agreed to pay for a parent of one of the athletes to travel to the game, it was unethical conduct, an extra benefit, and punishable with… »1/07/15 10:18am1/07/15 10:18am

Jim Irsay Handing Out $100 Bills At Colts Training Camp

Jim Irsay is a wealthy man. He's got the kind of wealth where one drives stoned out of one's face with a briefcase full of $29,000 in cash—a totally normal amount for him to be carrying—and pills and escapes with only two misdemeanor charges. He also has the kind of wealth where one passes out $100 bills to Colts… »7/26/14 8:07pm7/26/14 8:07pm

Does Your Favorite Team Suck At Keeping An Efficient Payroll?

Businessweek put together a fun ranking of how all 122 franchises in the four major American professional sports leagues burn their money on player payroll. You might be shocked to find out that most successful teams are intelligent with their spending. The top nine of 10 franchises have been to their league's… »4/24/14 8:23pm4/24/14 8:23pm

Is Being Cursed To A "First Four" NCAA Game Actually A Blessing?

The NCAA men's Division I basketball tournament starts tonight in Dayton with two games, as it has since 2011, with another two tomorrow night. The "First Four"—imagined as a parallel to the Final Four, even though the former features eight teams and the latter, uh, four—has traditionally been seen as a wasteland of… »3/18/14 5:55pm3/18/14 5:55pm

Manchester United Hired "A Fleet Of Private Jets" To Shuttle Its Players Back From International Competitions

Today in operating costs: because soccer's international competition schedule—as of late, World Cup qualifiers—interferes with the English Premier League's late-season schedule, one English Premier League team you may have heard of hired a bunch of private jets to make sure its players would be back on time. Guess… »3/30/13 11:50am3/30/13 11:50am

Reports: Joe Flacco—That Joe Flacco—Will Soon Be The Highest Paid Player In NFL History

Yep, Joe Flacco. The big-armed oaf. The doofy bridegroom. The guy whose dad said he was "dull" four times in two sentences five days before the Super Bowl. That guy. No, not the plumber who stripped the washers off your sink and left his wrench on your kitchen table—I mean the guy who backed up Tyler Palko at Pitt… »3/02/13 10:00am3/02/13 10:00am