Tell It To Your Analyst: The Raging Genius Of Earl Weaver

The first and obvious thing about Earl Weaver, for me, was that he was terrifying. I lived about seven blocks from Memorial Stadium, depending on how you walked it, and Junior Orioles packages were cheap, so my parents took my older brother and me to games all the time, from our youngest days. This meant that when I… »1/23/13 4:45pm1/23/13 4:45pm

RIP Earl Weaver, The Irascible, Cigarette-Smoking Orioles Manager Who Was Moneyball Before "Moneyball" Existed

Earl Weaver, who managed the Orioles for 15 seasons from 1968-1982 (and another two from 1985-1986) passed away on Friday night at the age 82. In 11 of his 17 seasons, the Orioles won 90 or more games, and in his first three at the helm he guided Baltimore to three World Series, one of which, the 1970 Series with the… »1/19/13 10:45am1/19/13 10:45am

How To Build A 21st-Century Bullpen With Failed Hitting Prospects And A Radar Gun

Earlier this month, Sean Doolittle made his major-league debut for the Oakland Athletics. It wasn't an obviously momentous event: The left-hander took the mound with two outs in the top of the fifth, with the A's trailing Texas 5-0. He struck out Nelson Cruz to end the inning, then pitched a perfect sixth, striking… »6/28/12 10:00am6/28/12 10:00am

Billy Bean, Openly Gay Former MLB Player, Has Much In Common With His Former Minors Teammate, Billy Beane, The Guy From Moneyball

We've heard from many of the figures on the periphery of Moneyball since the movie hit theaters two weeks ago, but one we hadn't heard from was Billy Bean, the former Tigers, Dodgers, and Padres outfielder who came out of the closet in 1999. Bean, because of that slight difference in names, has often been mistaken for… »10/07/11 5:25pm10/07/11 5:25pm

Moneyball Author Michael Lewis Is The Most Powerful Man In The Universe

Michael Lewis isn't just a disturbingly prolific journalist who elevated Billy Beane to mythic status. He's also a one-man center of power who enriches and ennobles all those with whom he consorts, according to New York Magazine, which neglects to really examine why having so much influence concentrated in a… »10/03/11 5:15pm10/03/11 5:15pm

The Undervaluing Of Moneyball; Or, What You Can Learn By Watching With A Bunch Of Old People

Although advanced baseball analysis had been around for years, Michael Lewis's 2003 book Moneyball, about the Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane's using it to build their roster, helped to start an online industry of carping about player evaluation and team structure. The release of the 2011 film adapted from it… »9/30/11 3:50pm9/30/11 3:50pm

There Is An NBA GM Out There Who Doesn't Know How To Use Google

Ever wonder if the men who run our professional basketball teams are as clueless as the men who were running our professional baseball teams (as depicted by Michael Lewis in his 2003 book Moneyball)? There is no definitive answer to that question, yet, but we do now know that at least one NBA GM does not yet know how… »9/28/11 1:20pm9/28/11 1:20pm

Joe Posnanski's Profile Of Bill James Will Get You Pumped For Moneyball

It's like Sabermetric Christmas: "Yes, he was driven nuts early and often, and he raged back with a sort of funny, blunt and often searing writing that appealed to an audience nobody had realized existed. Bill James was not the first person to search for knowledge in baseball, not even close, but unlike anyone, he… »9/21/11 1:10pm9/21/11 1:10pm

Levante 1, Real Madrid 0: How Did The Team That's "Ugly, Poor, And Bad At Football" Beat La Liga's Rich Pretty Boy?

A year ago, Levante earned a draw against Real Madrid, the best, wealthiest, handomest team in all of La Liga. It was a big moment for the Levante Granotes (that means frogs): Striker Rafa Jordá likened the 0-0 decision to "chewing the face off your girlfriend." (We'll blame shaky translation for that one.) Winning,… »9/19/11 3:10pm9/19/11 3:10pm

Your Field Guide To The Assorted Kerfuffles Over Moneyball, The Movie

Moneyball, the long-delayed film adaptation of Michael Lewis's book about Paul DePodesta's TI-89 and Jeremy Brown's love handles, hits theaters next week. It's a big thing for baseball folks, because Moneyball helped bring a statistically inclined subculture to the mainstream. You'll notice this in writing—Bill James… »9/16/11 6:10pm9/16/11 6:10pm