Montana Beat Idaho State On A Blown Field Goal Snap

Lost in the series of high-stakes, last second crazy finishes last night–the Michigan State stunner and the backwards Hail Mary that Arkansas pulled off–there was another, admittedly less important wild ending in college football. The Idaho State Bengals were hosting the Montana Grizzlies in Big Sky conference play,… »11/08/15 10:24am11/08/15 10:24am


Montana Upsets Top-Ranked North Dakota State In Bonkers College Football Kickoff

Bob Stitt earned the Montana head coaching job by demonstrating an innovating offense at D-II Colorado School of Mines, and in his first game at the helm of the Grizzlies he managed the simple task of knocking off North Dakota State—NCAA Division I champions each of the past four seasons. »8/29/15 7:25pm8/29/15 7:25pm

Montana Player Leaves Game After Being Shoved Headfirst Into Wall

Montana wide receiver Ellis Henderson was forced from Saturday's game against North Dakota State University after being shoved headfirst into the wall. A 4th and 2 play in the third quarter saw Henderson catching the ball in the flat and attempting to get out of bounds for the first down, but he wasn't able to do so… »9/20/14 6:30pm9/20/14 6:30pm

Sam Houston State Held On To Beat Montana, But Not Without Taking Some Licks

Congratulations to Sam Houston State, who again proved worthy of their #1 ranking last night in beating Montana 31-28—earning the Bearkats a trip to the Division I national championship—but it was this play in which the Griz' senior defensive back Houston Roots blew up Bearkats WR Brandon Closner that made an impact… »12/17/11 10:00am12/17/11 10:00am