Cincinnati And UConn Said To Ponder Starting Yet Another Geographically…

With the Big East in full meltdown mode, two of the traditional basketball powers are considering a move to the ACC—or, barring that, UConn and Cincinnati will take their ball and go start their own conference, according to The Sporting News. The only flaw in this plan is that the new conference would blanket the… » 12/15/12 8:49pm 12/15/12 8:49pm

Thursday Night Preview: Florida State at North Carolina State and #8…

I suppose even the genius who schedules Thursday night games at ESPN is entitled to a mulligan. That's the only explanation for how Florida State at N.C. State ended up tonight's featured game. N.C. State is 2-4 and Florida State is 4-1. N.C. State has taken down William and Mary and East Carolina, Florida State has… » 10/16/08 4:15pm 10/16/08 4:15pm

College Football Previews: #17 BYU

BYU clocks in at #17 in our college football previews. Much thanks go out to all of you who offered to preview BYU earlier this week. The most rapid responder was CGB who not only writes using his initials but also blogs at » 8/15/08 2:30pm 8/15/08 2:30pm. By god, the initials match the blog. What a coincidence. Enjoy.

Four Tiny Tidbits On: The Mountain West

College football season is upon us, and to celebrate, we're going to get back into tiny tidbit mode and present four things you didn't know about each major conference. If you have a little-known fact about your team or conference, get it in quick, because there's only one day left. Mail to Today:… » 8/15/06 2:30pm 8/15/06 2:30pm