9 Mascot Life Lessons, Gleaned from the Big Mind of Mr. Met

Life as a Mets fan, as any fellow masochist will tell you, can be trying. In 1962, the Mets' first year in the National League, the team went 40-120. In the more than half-century since, the Mets have had their moments, including World Series titles in 1969 and 1986, but the good teams have been few, and the miserable… »5/01/14 9:48am5/01/14 9:48am


Mr. Met Will Shield Your Children From Online Predators

Watch out evildoers, Mr. Met is now savvy to the ways of the Interwebs. He is ready to kick some serious online predator ass. The Mets are having their Internet Safety Day on Saturday, and there are plenty of fun Internet safety activities planned. I'm pretty sure. Actually I have no idea, so let's go to the story. … »9/04/08 5:30pm9/04/08 5:30pm