Mr. T Scored From Center Ice, And It Might've Been The Greatest Moment…

For the second straight Blackhawks game, a Chicago-native celebrity tried his hand at the "Shoot the Puck" intermission contest. But while Monday brought a rambling, possibly drunk Jim Belushi, last night saw a no-nonsense Mr. T show the puck and the United Center who's still the boss. » 3/27/13 8:44am 3/27/13 8:44am

Andre Agassi Is: Mr. T

This one comes courtesy of Dylan Stableford, Deadspin's tennis correspondent, who found it on Australian tennis coach Darren Cahill's Twitter feed. Andre Agassi seems to have borrowed Raffi Torres's burnt cork for this one. All the loving attention to detail—the darkened arms, the feather dangling from his ear,… » 11/01/11 3:10pm 11/01/11 3:10pm