Daniel Fells Is Home And His Kids Are Thrilled To See Him

Giants tight end Daniel Fells was released from the hospital yesterday, 18 days and seven surgeries after being admitted with a MRSA infection that threatened the amputation of his foot. The infection is under control—Fells will get to keep his foot—but the best part might have been when his kids got to see him for… »10/21/15 4:30pm10/21/15 4:30pm


Report: Giants Tight End Daniel Fells Could Lose Foot To MRSA Infection

Daniel Fells suffered an ankle injury in practice a little over a week ago. Initially, it wasn’t thought to be serious. He was given a cortisone shot for the pain and coach Tom Coughlin was optimistic he’d play last week. Instead, he went to the hospital with 104-degree fever and has since undergone five surgeries to… »10/11/15 10:31am10/11/15 10:31am

Lawrence Tynes Sues Buccaneers Over Career-Ending MRSA Infection

Lawrence Tynes hasn’t kicked in the NFL since suffering an MRSA infection in his toe in August 2013, while he was with the Buccaneers. Today he made it clear he blames the team for the infection and the end of his football career, as he filed a lawsuit against the Buccaneers, seeking $35 million in lost future… »4/06/15 10:01pm4/06/15 10:01pm

Buccaneers Camp Halted By Potential Staph Infection Outbreak

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, two Tampa Bay Buccaneers players have been infected with MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Essentially, MRSA is a flesh-eating bacteria that is passed around through skin-on-skin contact. It's some shit you don't want to mess with. Guard Carl Nicks has been sidelined… »8/22/13 4:20pm8/22/13 4:20pm