And Now The Phillies Have A MRSA Problem

The Phillies announced today that infielder Freddy Galvis has been hospitalized with a staph infection and will begin the season on the disabled list. Now the Daily News reports that it is indeed MRSA, the particularly nasty antibiotic-resistant strain that struck the Buccaneers locker room last year. » 3/21/14 3:39pm 3/21/14 3:39pm

So You Got A Deadly Infection From Playing In The NFL? Prove It.

Of all the storylines you expected to be a part of the first half of the NFL season, a workman's comp issue involving a toenail probably wasn't one of them. But it is, and it's actually intriguing in a number of ways, large and small. » 11/06/13 1:31pm 11/06/13 1:31pm

Buccaneers Camp Halted By Potential Staph Infection Outbreak

According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, two Tampa Bay Buccaneers players have been infected with MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Essentially, MRSA is a flesh-eating bacteria that is passed around through skin-on-skin contact. It's some shit you don't want to mess with. Guard Carl Nicks has been sidelined… » 8/22/13 4:20pm 8/22/13 4:20pm