Learn About Grippers, The Affordable Way To Demonstrate Your Unnatural Forearm Strength

The man above is Manfred Hoeberl, a former fixture in the World's Strongest Man competitions they periodically rerun on ESPN2. He was—is?—very, very strong. But he doesn't use your silly, wasteful, boring means to test his strength. Nope. He uses grippers. They're affordable. And certified! Josh Levin explains, on… »9/28/12 4:35pm9/28/12 4:35pm

This Egyptian Bodybuilder Has The World's Most Freakishly Large Biceps

Egypt's Moustafa Ismail has now been certified by the world record-recognizin' folks at Guinness as officially having the world's most ginormous guns, measuring some 31 inches around. (That's, like, three inches less than my waist.) The 24-year-old Ismail maintains such musculature by subsisting on a regular regimen… »9/14/12 12:55am9/14/12 12:55am