Being Dave Matthews: A Brief History

1985: "Robert Randolph" on the birth certificate, but he'll go by "Randy." That's the original plan. Named after his grandfathers. Then Dad starts having doubts. He's a Robert too—doesn't want his son to be Little Bob or Bobby like he had been. So one day, it just hits my parents. "David Andrew." David Matthews. Dave.… » 8/13/10 6:50pm 8/13/10 6:50pm

How Sports And Indie Rock Finally Fell In Love

Kurt Cobain often spoke of being terrorized by jocks in high school, as if to certify his poetic loserdom. These days, anyone with a camera handy at Lollapalooza or Pitchfork can create his very own hipster version of Straight Cash Homey. What happened in between? Duh, the Internet. What ever happens to anyone these… » 8/13/10 2:15pm 8/13/10 2:15pm

Look At These Fucking Hoopsters At Lollapalooza

This weekend's Lollapalooza was dubbed "Hoopster Mecca" by one tipster, and after sifting through all the submissions it's clear that the hoopsters made Lollapalooza the site of their Hajj. So, here's part one of a multipart series. Christ, just look at these fucking hoopsters. Part One | Part Two | Part Three » 8/10/10 3:30pm 8/10/10 3:30pm