This Picture Of George Brett Inspired That Lorde Song "Royals"

Lorde sings songs. One particularly popular song is called "Royals," which you've probably heard. Recently, she mentioned the song was inspired by a picture of a baseball player she saw in an old National Geographic. The magazine confirmed it was this picture of a happier George Brett signing autographs. » 12/09/13 9:30pm 12/09/13 9:30pm

Sometimes You Run The Dog; Sometimes You're The Dog Who Needs Running

My wife's butt is quickly pulling away. My dog's tail, though already small to begin with, looks like a peppercorn in the salad green of the forest. And I am hydroplaning through the muck of the trails. It is raining, I am running and I am hungover. Fuck. » 6/16/13 1:41pm 6/16/13 1:41pm