Pearl Jam Fan Notes: Eddie Vedder Hates Me; Or, How To Kill Your Idols With A Used Condom In A Sorbet Cup

I'm sure Ed doesn't hate me in a visceral sense or even knows my name or the name of the site, but that's what it felt like, yesterday afternoon, when Sony called to tell me that a Pearl Jam-related post needed to come down immediately. "What happened?," I asked Sony Guy on the phone. He was vague, but stern. "The… »9/23/11 6:30pm9/23/11 6:30pm


When Rap Ruled The World: A White Boy MC's Photo Album, 1986-1991

Ed. note: Inside, you'll find some of Peter Nash's (formerly Prime Minister Pete Nice) personal memory box from his early days as the cane-wielding MC of hip-hop group 3rd Bass. It's full of gaudy jewelry, tough-guy posing, unfortunate fades, and candid shots of some of the most famous hip-hop stars from the '90s… »9/23/11 5:55pm9/23/11 5:55pm

"Life Is Like A Jump Shot": Reviewing The Unremarkable History Of NBA Rappers

NBA players like rapping, and that is a fact of the universe that we are powerless to stop. The way that I have tended to deal this phenomenon is generally to ignore it completely. It is shockingly easy to do: Just as I do with Kreayshawn, I pretend that NBA rappers do not exist, that they have never existed, and that… »9/23/11 5:00pm9/23/11 5:00pm

Pearl Jam Fan Notes: Joe Buck Talks About The Night Eddie Vedder Made Him Squeal

My homework assignment from my good friends at Deadspin was to write about my interaction with Pearl Jam and in particular Eddie Vedder in honor of their 20th Anniversary. The difficulty in this assignment is writing it without coming off like a name-dropping ass. Well for those of you who don't like me—enjoy, and for… »9/22/11 3:45pm9/22/11 3:45pm

Here's Video Of Charles Barkley Singing Karaoke This Weekend

Charles Barkley was on Long Island this weekend for a charity golf tournament hosted by Bill Russell when he decided to take his Alabama warble—like "popcorn covered in pine sap"—to Jerry and the Mermaid bar and restaurant for some karaoke. Naturally, he chose Sinatra. Now, you're never supposed to make fun of… »9/19/11 1:15pm9/19/11 1:15pm