The Mutton Bustin' Season Is Officially Open

It's that time of year again, when small hapless children have their skulls driven deep into the dirt by disdainful mutton. And then we laugh at them (the children). But we're not merely laughing at pain in a public setting. No, we're also celebrating mutton. Look at the disdainful expression on the beast above. You… » 6/09/11 6:50pm 6/09/11 6:50pm

His Worst Scars Will Be Psychological, Of Course

I'm no rodeo expert, but I'm pretty sure this kid isn't doing it right. But such is life in the breakneck world of mutton busting; sometimes you ride the mutton, and sometimes the mutton rides you. Yes, mutton busting ... because in the old west, it was so important to break the wild sheep herds that roamed the… » 7/28/08 11:15am 7/28/08 11:15am