Pats Fan At Jets Game Gets Nachos Dumped All Over Him In Fight

We aren't sure the context here, but it appears our brave Patriots fan—not only did he venture out to Jets country, he did so while sporting his customized team hoodie, which reads "God Maserati"—was being escorted out of the stadium by security when some Jets fans began to taunt him. Mr. Maserati chested up one of… » 12/22/14 4:14pm 12/22/14 4:14pm

How To Make Nachos: A Guide For The Daring

You go to a ballpark or amusement park or carnival and ask for some nachos, and you get a plastic tub with three compartments: a large one holding a fistful of tortilla chips, and smaller ones holding, respectively, molten cheese-food and a tablespoon of canned dog food that you are obliged to pretend is chili. You… » 11/03/12 1:00pm 11/03/12 1:00pm