Nail Yakupov Had A Perfect Celebration For His Game-Tying Goal Last Night

It's hockey season. Didn't you know it was hockey season? We know this hockey season will be unlike other hockey seasons in at least one way: It's short. But we don't yet know whether this season will resemble the last three NHL seasons in another way. Will the Edmonton Oilers be really young and really bad and fall… » 1/25/13 10:35am 1/25/13 10:35am

Oilers Rookies Nail Yakupov And Justin Schultz Have A Friendly Put-The-Puck-In-The-Crate Competition

There's plenty of reason for excitement in Edmonton—the Oilers have been terrible for long enough to build a young core unlike hockey's ever seen. Along with 22-year-old budding star Jordan Eberle, 2010 first-overall pick Taylor Hall, and 2011 first-overall pick Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, the Oilers have two more… » 1/18/13 9:50am 1/18/13 9:50am

Top NHL Draft Pick Nail Yakupov's Wild Night On Twitter

Nail Yakupov, the Oilers' first overall pick, has drawn comparisons to Pavel Bure. He will anchor one of the best young lines in hockey next season. But he is also 18 years old, and still learning English, and still getting used to this social media thing, and put together, you get nights like last night. » 6/26/12 10:15am 6/26/12 10:15am